Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Examining the Collection

After analyzing our data and comparing it to sources such as WorldCat, Resources for College Libraries, and Choice Reviews, SCS was able to give us some detailed information about our circulating collection.

While the criteria below are not the exact criteria used to create our candidate lists, the chart provides an overview of some key data about our titles - circulation history, other Alabama and US holdings of items, availability in electronic book format, etc.

University of North Alabama Summary -Circulating Collection 
 Title CountItem CountPercent of Filtered Item Records
All Bib Records270,286286,073N/A
All Bib Records - Filtered196,137207,218100%
Record Counts - Circulation    
Circulation - No Historical Charges (at the title level)63,44566,31932%
No circulations in past 5 years (4/1/07 onwards)161,663170,14282%
No circulations in past 10 years (4/1/02 onwards)133,314140,18168%
Holdings Counts - WorldCat   
> 100 holdings in USA 174,662183,89689%
> 5 holdings in Alabama119,297126,43161%
< 5 holdings in USA 7037850%
0 other holdings in Alabama13,37614,5077%
Other Factors   
Publication Year before 2000167,328177,72986%
Publication Year before 1990136,430146,24271%
Hathi Trust Public Domain Match7,0078,4794%
CHOICE Reviewed34,64135,11717%
CHOICE Outstanding Academic Titles6,3047,0143%
In RCL10,70311,1765%
Other Form Ebook4,7034,8332%
Titles with at least one additional copy1,5403,6022%

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