Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Candidate Lists - Review In Person or Online

Collier Library seeks faculty input in the review of the withdrawal candidates. While use of carefully defined withdrawal criteria have helped us to arrive at well-thought out lists of candidates, we will rely heavily on the expertise of teaching faculty to ensure that core titles in their discipline are not withdrawn. Faculty can review the candidates in two ways - in person in Collier Library or using the online candidate lists.

Review in person:
Withdrawal candidates will be "flagged" with yellow slips and turned down on the shelf. Faculty can use the yellow slips to object to the withdrawal of individual titles (instructions are included on the flag).  As the flagging of the physical books is very time-consuming, faculty will not be able to review all books in person at this time. As of August 21, 2012 all Phase 1 books have been flagged and work is underway on Phase 2. As soon as Phase 2 flagging is complete, we will begin flagging Phase 3 books. We will post notices on this blog upon the completion of flagging the candidates in each phase.

Instructions for using the online lists:
Click here to access the online candidate lists, then click the "Sign In" button and login using your UNAPORTAL email address and password. For each phase, there will be multiple lists to review. The lists are broken down by Library of Congress Classification. To open a list, simply click on the desired call letter, for example P - Philology. Linguistics.  You can recommend that the library keep an item by clicking on the drop-down menu for that item in the "Recommendation" column and selecting the appropriate option. The list gives users several options for selecting why to keep an item - classic work, major author, important series, supports new program, part of a set, other. When selecting the "other" option, we ask that you provide a brief reason. 

At the end of the review period for each phase, library personnel will review recommendations made on both the online candidate lists and the printed flags. Careful consideration will be given to recommendations made by faculty. However, a recommendation to keep does not guarantee that a title will be kept.  

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