Thursday, January 10, 2013

Weeding Update

Upcoming Deadlines
February 28 - Deadline for completing review of Phase 2 candidates
May 31 - Deadline for completing review of Phase 3 candidates

Flagging Update
Flagging of Phase 3 items is complete. These items can now be reviewed in person or online.  Notification will be sent when flagging of Phase 4 (reference) items has been completed.

Review Reminders
We continue to experience intermittent issues with the online candidate lists. The ongoing problems seem to be most frequently encountered by those using Internet Explorer. Therefore, we recommend that you use Chrome or FireFox when completing your review online. 

When reviewing the candidate lists, please make sure that you click the “Save” button at the top left side of the screen before exiting the page. After your recommendations have been successfully saved, you should briefly see a “Your input has been saved” message at the top of the screen. Please be patient when saving changes, especially for lists that have a large number of items. Some users have reported receiving an “unresponsive page” error with Chrome. However, those that choose the “wait” option report that their changes do save successfully.