Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Your Input is Crucial

We greatly appreciate all of the feedback that we have received from teaching faculty about our weeding project. Our criteria is based on several factors (circulation, availability from resource sharing partners, age, etc.). In addition we also compared titles to Choice and Resources for College Libraries. None of the titles flagged should have been reviewed in Choice or included in Resources for College Libraries.  However, some titles by major authors, classic works, important series, etc. may have ended up as withdrawal "candidates."  This is because it is almost impossible to identify these types of criteria using an automated approach.  We are relying on faculty to provide expert opinion in these cases.  This is the primary reason we sought to include faculty input on the process rather than simply running circulation numbers and discarding accordingly.   

Before a title is withdrawn,a professional librarian will examine it in context.  We are confident that this multi layered process (criteria, faculty review, librarian review) will lead to retention of important items.  So, please remember to vote for the "candidates" that you feel should remain in the library.

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